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Tinos Island

Another World

The magic hinterland of Tinos, was for many years a well-kept secret of the initiates.

In recent years, however, the revelation of this “new land” has shaken for good all that we knew about authentic holidays and initiation into locality and tradition, or which magically remained unchanged in these places as if it had entered a kind of time capsule.

The authenticity of the taste of the food in combination with the wines and the raki will take off your requirements since once will be enough to change your whole theory of gastronomic pleasures.

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This place is so delicious, and it could not be otherwise, since Aeolus often salts the soils of meadows and mountains.

Small villages, small squares, pigeons, windmills, dry stones, crocus and thyme, oregano and heather, the kordallos and the blue island blackbird will make you want to discover the smallest corner of Tinos, and the most secluded sandy beach.

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Life celebrates in Tinos.

Countless festivals flood the island from May until the end of autumn, everything is an opportunity to dance to the sounds of the violin and the sounds of the wind… Zorbas island!

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And if art is what captivates you, then you could not be in a more suitable place!

Painters, sculptors, visual artists, poets and writers, philosophers old and modern!
You will meet them in halls, museums, studios or even to coffee shops they talk and captivate their listeners with their speech.

This Is Tinos! An Electric Discharge !! That Changes Your Life… !!!