Komi of Tinos


More than just Cyclades

URSA MAJOR is located within the traditional village of Komi

Komi is the closest village to Kolimbithra beach and the largest of the catholic villages of Kato Meron. It is about 11 km away from Chora and the port of Tinos and a maximum of 12 minutes’ time.

Characteristic of the village is that it is about the same distance and time from almost all parts of the island

Having URSA MAJOR as a base, one can visit Pyrgos and Panormos, see Kardiani and Ysternia in the Exo Meri, can have easy access to the Pano Meri in the villages of Falatado and Steni and the monastery of Agia Pelagia, visit “Volia”, the round rocks in Volax in 5 minutes and see the castle of Xombourgos in 7 minutes.

Enjoy your summer dream, in Komi…

with a wonderful stay, excellent food and sweets, dreamy images, cool dives in Kolimbithra and evening walks in the fragrant alleys.

The Village Of Komi

In the village you may find excellent places for dining and drinking as well as cosmopolitan life. If you wish a visit to Chora, then in about 12 minutes you can enjoy a visit to its beach.

In the area belongs the famous beach Kolimbithra where one can enjoy a wonderful swimming experience but also intense fun in the beach bars.
The elevated nightlife in the villages of Kato Meron, with Komi as nightlife flagship, will offer you a carefree vacation wandering in the alleys without the need to travel and enjoying the local wines and raki, accompanied by cheeses and siglina at Ursa Major.

The village is friendly for all ages, including children, as well as cycling since the main pedestrian street that crosses Komi is passable and large.


Komi is famous for the feast of artichokes and the festival of Agios Ioannis, also famous for the production of potatoes and vegetables. In the village there are workshops of traditional food and sweets, while you can enjoy Italian food in one of the few pizzerias on the island at the deck of Dux De Brunch – Ursa Major.


Komi is the navel of Tinos. A Traditional village with alleys, narrow streets and springs that will impress even the most demanding lover of the Cyclades.

The village of Kolimbithra and the meadow, is the passage of almost all visitors to the island. With beautiful houses and catholic temples, with amazing all day bars or taverns like the Dux De Rum or restaurants like the Santa Caper that will leave your pleasure sensors completely satisfied!

Our Heritage

URSA MAJOR is housed in the oldest building of the island and Tinos. The old mansion that beautifies the village for over two centuries. Many sweet memories live there, many myths have been created and many more will be create by you…

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The perfumes from the gardens and the shops of Agios Ioannis square can make time freeze at a glance, capturing like a photograph the five-essence of life. Greek summer, Greek island, authentic tradition, Tinos, Komi!