Mansion Ursa Major

Since 1801

Enjoy your stay with the services of the seven stars of Ursa Major.

URSA MAJOR SUITES consists of six wonderful suites in the village of Komi in Tinos, and together with its large courtyards, common areas and the restaurants that operate under the name Dux De Brunch (all day bar) and the Santa Caper (traditional restaurant), offers the privacy & luxury you need for the brightest days of the year, provides traditional and fresh handmade Tinian breakfast, offers authentic & pristine food services of the island, has private jacuzzi, aromatherapy devices and selected partners who will take care of the beauty and detoxification of the body.

Real travellers love, respect and enjoy the heritage of the place.
The mansion operates under a strict privacy protocol, as only its new “lords” are allowed to enter, “You”!
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Six suites for you to enjoy. You deserve all the amenities for an unforgettable stay in this beautiful and picturesque place next to the meadow of the island and its most energetic beach, Kolimbithra.

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more than 200yrs
of history
Since 1801

Historical Reference Point

More than two centuries have passed and it stands unshakable in time, flawless and renewed, as if the breath of the Cycladic wind constantly gives it new life. Many stories of joy have been written in its rooms by the old lords of the island and many more will be written by its new lords. You.
Opposite the church of Panagia in Komi of the lower parts, the great Bear, the URSA MAJOR, will give people for centuries the luxury they deserve.

On the marbles of this mansion, the date 1801 has been sculpted and all modern Greek history has been written.

URSA MAJOR SUITES started its operation with a heavy legacy of tradition and culture of two hundred and twenty years.