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Get to know the traditional Komi with the picturesque square of Ai Giannis and the island of Tinos, starting with an enjoyable swim in the organized and crystal clear beaches of the village, Megali & Mikri Kolimbithra, Agapiani and Paleo Agio Fylakto for those who want more freedom and contact with nature.

Enjoy delicious bites, food and raki in the picturesque square of Ai Giannis under the cool plane trees and next to the spring of the village…

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You should definitely visit the labyrinthine meadow of Komi, in which you will find the reed tunnels, roads and paths like galleries in the infinite reeds that the villagers use every day to take care of their orchards.

Climb Exomburgo following the path through Velanidies and visit the round rocks that start above the village of Agapi (Love) and end at Livada beach.

Finally, it is necessary to visit the world-famous monasteries of Panagia and Agia Pelagia and the village of artists, Pyrgos.

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Wander the wonderful paths, through which you will encounter an amazing hinterland that has not changed at all despite the modern era. The scenery that you will view seems to come from other times, those of purity and authenticity.

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You will meet old springs and threshing floors, estates and windmills, stone paths that once filled with life, valleys with waterfalls and ponds that will invite you for a refreshing swim.

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