Traditional cuisine with pure ingredients of our production

Seven star gastronomy

We are producers, we produce branded products, real food for our children and our people. From the moment you live with us under the same roof we consider you to be our people…

Traditional Cycladic Breakfast

With great love, we gather daily vegetables and fruits from our garden, we procure the purest ingredients from selected local producers and with great respect we prepare a unique traditional Cycladic breakfast fresh and warm according to the authenticity and mysticism of the place!

The traditional Tinian breakfast of URSA MAJOR includes: coffee, fresh Tinian milk, yogurt and butter, juices, bread and nuts, fresh eggs, Tinian cheeses and cold cuts, such as gruyere, cheese, ball, louza, ham, sun-dried tomatoes and capes from our crops and our workshop, cherry tomatoes, juicy cucumbers, watermelons and melons from our orchard, thyme honey and heather, jams from our trees and our workshop, homemade cakes, pastries, fresh pies from our workshop, ome and creative treats with bread.

Enjoy your breakfast daily in your accommodation or in particularly delightful area of URSA MINOR!

Traditional gastronomy:

Daily from 8:30 am to 9:00 pm.

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    Ever since you left, the days and nights blur together, and the stars in the skies of Cap Rocat miss you…